Muitt Madrid is an eco-friendly and socially responsable brand with unique designs and its striving to create long lasting products of the highest quality under Spanish artisanal techniques.

The brand stands for high quality women shoes and bags, 100% Made in Spain. It has unique pieces exclusively designed by its founders, Patricia and Elena, two friends and two fashion passionates who found Muitt in 2013.

Muitt Madrid is a Street Style fashion brand. It has a very unique style, simple and clean and it is very innovative with its maxi tin tassels, its original cuts and own design. Each style embraces confidence and exudes casual yet sophisticated aesthetic, that resonates deeply among fashion followers.

The woman that wears Muitt Madrid is a self-expressive cosmopolite woman who knows how to combine confort, style and high quality and looks for an exclusive design supporting news talents and Spanish fashion.

Muitt products are manufactured with the collaboration of the best professionals, the Spanish artisans, which is one of Muitt Madrid´s main strengths. The brand´s cause is supporting the revival of handcraftship, local production and fair labour.

Muitt Madrid is very grateful for the press support they have received over the past years. Muitt Madrid has become an important fashion figure in Spain. Every season, Muitt Madrid is covered by top press communications in the fashion industry and is referred to as “los zapatos de moda” (the must-have shoes of fashion).